The Teacher Research Group

The Teacher Research Group, headed by Professor Benjamin W. Wah, works on the theory, design, analysis, evaluation, implementation, and application of nonlinear optimization algorithms. The applications of the results include nonlinear programming, temporal planning, digital signal processing, artificial neural networks, operations research, evolutionary computations, load balancing, parallel-architecture design, computer network-protocol design, computer-aided design, circuit testing, and computer vision.

The current and past research is classified into six areas listed on the left. To see a summary, click on one of the areas to see a summary. Each summary will lead to various lists of publications, some of which are in PostScript and/or PDF that can be downloaded by FTP.

The current research interests include the following:

The following is a brief summary of the current research:

If you need copies of papers that are not available in PostScript or PDF, please send e-mail to e-mail address.

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