Major IEEE Activities


Operations Review Committee: Member, 2002

Ad Hoc Committee on Membership for IT Professionals: Member, '01, '02

Cofounder of IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering, '87

Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, '92-'95

Fellow, 1999– present; Senior Member, '85-'91; Member, '79-'85; Student Member, '74-'79

IEEE Technical Activities Board

Finance Committee: Member, '97, '02

Ad Hoc Committee for the inclusion or removal of S/C’s: Member, ‘97

Periodicals Committee: Member, '00

Products Committee: Member, '02

RAB/TAB Business Simplification Team: Member, '02


IEEE Computer Society:

Elected President, '01

Elected 1st Vice President, '99

Elected 2nd Vice President, '98

IEEE-CS Governing Board:

Constitutions and Bylaws Committee: Chair, '00

China Operations Committee: Member, '99

Committee on Computer Society Flagship Conf.: Member, '98-'99

Committee on Computer Society Int’l DesignCompetition: Member, '98-'99

Finance Committee: Chair, '97; Member, '00-'02

Strategic Planning Committee: Member, '97; Chair, '00

Society Travel policy Committee: Member, '97

Fellows Committee: Member, '93-'95; Vice Chair, '96; Chair, '97

Nominations Committee: Member, '91-'92, '00; Chair, '02

Elected BoG Member: '89-'93, '96-'97



IEEE-CS Publication Board:

Vice President for Publication, '98-'99

Publications Planning Committee: Member, '92-'93

Search Committee For EIC, IEEE Computer: Member, '96

Publications Board: Member, '90, '92-'96

Transactions Operations Committee; Member, '92-'96

Ad Hoc Committee on Perception of Bias in the Review Process: Member, ‘92

Transactions Advisory Committee: Member, '88-'91


IEEE-CS Technical Activities Board:

TF on Virtual Intelligence: Chair, '00-'02

TC on Distributed Processing: Member, Advisory Committee, '99– '02

TC on Distributed Databases : Vice Chairman, '80-'82, '86-'88

TC on Parallel Processing: Member, Advisory Board, 1992–'02

TC on VLSI: Member, Executive Committee, '86-'00

TC on Data Engineering: Vice Chair, '92-'95

IEEE-CS Education Activities Board:

Model Program Subcommittee: Coordinator For Theory Area, '81-'83

Ad Hoc Committee to examine Curricula’91 & the need for Curricula’ 2000: Chair, '97

Curricula’2001 Committee: Member, '98; Member at Large, '97-'98


IEEE-CS Conferences and Tutorials Board:

Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluation of 14% Overhead in Conferences: Member, '92


IEEE-CS Membership Activities Board:

IEEE– CS Students Scholarship Committee: Chair, '93